Planned Verizon 5G Wireless Broadband Could Benefit Entrepreneurs and Home Based Businesses

Verizon Launching 5G Wireless Broadband in Up to 5 US Markets in 2018

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has announced it will launch fifth-generation — 5G — wireless residential services in three to five U.S. markets in 2018.

Using radio signals instead of fiber or copper cables, Verizon’s 5G wireless broadband will give customers access to unprecedented wireless internet speeds.

Throughout 2017, Verizon has been successfully running 5G residential application trials in 11 U.S. markets.

For businesses and entrepreneurs, the prospect of having ultra-fast wireless broadband is welcoming. Small businesses relying on the internet will be able to boost productivity through faster internet speeds.

As well as having access to faster broadband, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT), businesses and entrepreneurs will also benefit from having the necessary bandwidth and low latency for 3D and virtual reality applications.

Verizon Launching 5G Wireless Broadband

In a blog about the launch of 5G residential broadband services, Hans Vestberg, Verizon President of Global Networks and Chief Technology Officer, referred to the arrival of 5G broadband as “a landmark announcement for customers and investors who have been waiting for the 5G future to become a reality.”

Verizon predicts approximately 30 million households nationwide could have the opportunity to benefit from the initial 5G residential broadband services. For businesses and entrepreneurs who work from a home office and rely on residential broadband, the move to 5G services is likely to positively impact their businesses, enabling them to work quicker and more efficiently.

Verizon is planning its first commercial 5G launch to be in the second half of 2018 in Sacramento, California. The commercial launch is being driven by Verizon’s confidence in radio signal technology that is powered by millimetre-wave spectrum.

With a faster connection, employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs working from home with residential broadband will be able to access the digital information and files they require quicker than ever before, resulting in increased productivity and less wasted time.

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