Why Businesses Are Going Solar With Lease Options

Converting To Solar Energy With A Solar Lease

solar energy

Many eco-friendly businesses are converting over to solar energy and the benefits it has on the environment are huge. This transition will revolutionize how we utilize natural energy sources to generate power for our local grids. The application is the same across the board, but the politics differ from state to state. The states that really take advantage of solar energy are obviously the ones that have businesses is states that receive a lot of sunshine. Florida, Southern California, Arizona, and Texas are all leaders in the Solar energy movement. Solar panels are being installed on buildings, parking garages, bus stops, and any other piece of commercial real estate that will facilitate the installation of rooftop solar panels. Areas where rooftop installation isn’t possible, solar grids can be installed. Solar grids can be built in large open areas of land where industrial or commercial structures don’t exist. Going solar helps reduce the carbon footprint on the environment and can ease the load of local energy providers during summer months when air conditioning units are running all day long. Converting to solar is a fairly simple process, finding a solar leasing company to facilitate the lease purchase and installation of the solar panels is going to be the first step in going solar.

Solar Installation

After the paperwork is done and the lease is approved, the installation process can take 3-6 weeks. Panels need to be ordered, and inventory needs to be made of the components that will be necessary for installation. Rooftop installations are the most common and businesses with flat rooftops can take advantage of the real estate to build out complete solar grids. The amount of solar panels that a business needs is dependent on energy use. You will also want to make sure you are having quality solar panels installed, cheap panels made in China don’t quite last as long and therefore leave you in need of repair or replacement sooner than later. Having a solar lease specialist to walk you through an energy audit to determine how many panels you need will allow you to get exactly what you need and nothing more. Solar is often over sold since many solar specialists don’t take the time to truly evaluate the energy needs of a business. Having more panels than you need isn’t a bad thing, it means you are generating more power and if your local power company offers incentives or rebates then it can be even better for you. The issue becomes the lease payment, the more solar panels you have the greater your lease payment is going to be. Make sure you have an energy audit to truly assess your energy needs, talk with your solar specialist, understand what you are getting into, and then proceed with going solar.

Lifetime Value

how long to solar panels last

Solar panels can have a 20 year life expectancy before needing to be replaced. You will definitely get a ROI with your panels in the first 10 years. Most leasing companies want to renew the lease and usually continue to cover repair and replacement costs if you are still paying them. However, if you opt out of your lease you can avoid those hefty monthly payments after the lease expires and save that money for future repairs. The money saved on energy is one value proposition, the other is the benefit solar has on the environment. Together if more residential and commercial properties go Solar, we can help reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the earth. The value of solar lasts a lifetime, and the lifetime of the generations that will come after us.

Finding A Redmond Mechanic

Finding A Good Mechanic in Redmond WA

I decided to publish this post because of an experience my sister had looking for a mechanic in Redmond, Washington. We have all heard the horror stories of how mechanics have taken advantage of women over the years, and honestly, I think there are plenty of instances where men have been taken advantage of just as bad. After searching for a qualified mechanic to repair her car, she ended up using a company in Redmond called KD Automotive (https://www.kd-automotive.com/). KD is located off of Willows Road in the industrial area not far from the Redmond City Hall. She wound up there from a referral which is always nice. After talking to the manager she decided it seemed like a good place to do business and proceeded to have her car fixed at a very affordable price that came in far below what the other quotes were. Finding a mechanic can be difficult regardless which state you live in, so here are some helpful pointers to get your vehicle back up and running with the best mechanic in your area.

How To Find A Good Mechanic

auto repair mechanic Most Americans rely heavily on their vehicles for every day transportation. Whether it’s driving to work, carting the kids around or hauling the family on a well-deserved vacation, your vehicle is a workhorse. Since you use it so often, it makes sense to take care of its maintenance, much like anything else of value. To best care for your car, truck or van, you should enlist the services of a reputable mechanic.

Having a personal mechanic, or one that you truly trust, can be a godsend for your vehicles. A knowledgeable professional in any field is that knows you and your situation can only be an asset. If you are considering buying a used car, for example, having someone who knows which defects to look for can help you steer away from a lemon. Also, he or she can give you advice on how to keep your vehicle in top shape, and relay any telltale signs of problematic issues. When you take your car to the same mechanic, they get to know your car intimately, as opposed to going from mechanic to mechanic. A personal mechanic is more likely to give you a deal on services or parts whenever possible, too, knowing that you will be returning for additional services in the future.

So how do you find a reputable vehicle serviceperson, one that is skilled, experienced and affordable? It starts with research. Ask your family and friends for recommendations; they may know someone who can keep your car in shape that they trust. Online reviews can be helpful, too, to a certain degree. If a mechanic has a reputation for over-charging clients, you will see a series of comments online to reflect that concern. You will also see testimonials from clients who swear by their mechanic’s skills; this information should give you a good place to start with your search. Once you have determined which mechanics are close to you that have a good reputation, it is time to see who will be the best choice for you.

Interviewing Your Mechanic

When you interview a mechanic or take your car in for a service test, make sure the mechanic is ASA or ASE certified. These organizations require a code of ethics for their members. See if the shop is AAA certified, or has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Ask probing questions of your potential mechanic; it’s imperative that the mechanic knows how to handle a variety of situations and a variety of vehicles. If you are strictly a Chevrolet family, you will want to find someone who either specializes in the brand or can fix just about anything. For families that own a few different types of vehicles, it’s important to find someone skilled in many different models and makes. Makes sure that the mechanic can explain any problems in layman’s terms. It does you little good to have a doctor explain what ails you in medical jargon; the same is true with your car. You will also want to make sure that any recommendations the mechanic makes can be backed up with valid reasons for the repair.

You can always “test” the mechanic by bringing in your car for a particular service and then determine the labor cost, labor time, and parts costs. Get an estimate for the repairs in writing before he or she starts on your car. Investigate online the cost of repairs at other shops; keep in mind that specific dealership repair shops charge more since they specialize in a particular brand of car. You will also want to ensure that the mechanic has the proper tools to work on your car. Certain brands, like Mercedes, require different care than American made cars; and the mechanic should not only have the expertise to work on this type of vehicle, but the equipment to properly ensure it is fixed correctly.

hire a certified mechanic There are other attributes that a good mechanic should possess, like excellent communication skills. Not only should he or she be able to explain what is wrong with your car so that you can easily understand, but there must be an ease in the conversation. You may find a mechanic who is great with his or her hands but cannot convey to you what’s going on with your car, it may not benefit you in the long run, especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Assess how you are treated by the repair shop; did you feel rushed and as if your questions were not answered? If a change in the repair needed to be made, did the mechanic call you for authorization first? Were you satisfied with the repairs? Service is an important part of the entire process.

Your mechanic of choice should also know how to effectively problem solve. Sometimes, he or she will need to think outside the box to fix your vehicle. While you don’t want your car to be slapped together, you do want a mechanic who can conceivably repair a problem with more than one solution.

Consider, too, how you drive your vehicle. Are you “hard” on your cars? Do you go off-roading in your Camry? Do you own a vintage car that requires special care? If you own a brand new vehicle, you will need to find someone who knows the innovative computerized engines found in newer models. The kind of mechanic you need will be contingent upon the specialized needs of your vehicle. This is another reason finding a mechanic who can communicate with you is an important factor in keeping your car running its best.

Sometimes, you may decide that convenience trumps cost. If you find two equally qualified mechanics and one happens to be closer to you than the other, that may be the deciding factor. Or, maybe you find an experienced mechanic who checks all the boxes but another one who is willing to take your vehicle on off-hours, or even do a “house calls”; these are factors that may help you choose your vehicle’s long-term caretaker.

Your car is your baby; in order to keep it running smoothly, you need to find the right person to care for it so choose wisely!


What Is An Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness Testimonies

Jury trials are a very precarious situation, one where there’s a lot at stake. Depending upon the nature of the case and its complexity, either side, or both, may want to enlist the services of an expert witness. This witness is one who can provide testimony to either substantiate or refute evidence that has been presented at trial. It could be a forensic expert, or someone who possesses certain technical knowledge who is called in to testify regarding his or her skill or experience in a particular field.

expert testimonyIn construction, expert witness testimonies are needed for home owners and developers that have construction defects and rely on an expert witness testimony in court to win the case for any job that has flaws. Building projects that are not done to code are also something that require an expert witness testimony. Companies like Goodman Consulting out of Oklahoma City are experts in this area. You can visit their website here at https://tcdexpert.com/ to learn more about the process and how expert witnesses in the construction industry work with home owners and developers in the court of law.

An expert witness’s duty in a trial is to provide fair, independent and impartial information regarding his or her direct knowledge of a subject, and to make it easier for the jury to understand. To be deemed an expert witness by the court, one must pass the Daubert test; a method utilized by the federal courts to determine is someone has the experience or knowledge necessary to be called an “expert”. If so, the testimony is admissible in court; if not, the testimony is thrown out. The Daubert test takes into account the following: whether or not the reasoning underneath the testimony is scientifically valid and if the reasoning can be applied to the facts in the issue. The court must determine if the potential expert’s testimony is relevant and reliable.

Not all expert witnesses are selected due to their academic backgrounds; some are considered experts just on their experience and expertise. While an unusual example, the movie “My Cousin Vinny” presents an expert witness that illustrates this point. Marissa Tomei’s character in the movie is called upon to be an expert witness regarding tire treads, even though the expert witness for the other side has already stated that the tires match those found on the defendant’s car. A car matching the defendant’s car had been seen leaving the scene of a murder and it had left behind tire skid marks. She is called upon to refute the expert witness’ testimony based upon her intricate automotive knowledge. The prosecution questions her true expertise; she proceeds to rattle off her personal experience rebuilding cars. The attorney then tries to trick her with a question he believes only an automobile mechanic would know; she soundly puts him in his place with her answer and he concedes to her expert witness testimony. While only a movie, it demonstrates the Federal Rule of Evidence 702, which states that an expert witness can be one who must have “knowledge, skill, experience, training or education” that will “help the trier of fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue.”

Expert witness testimony can be introduced in any court, from family court to criminal court. These witnesses, based on their knowledge and the subject matter, can command several hundred dollars per hour for their fee, making it potentially difficult to afford one. If you happen to be an expert in a field, you can join a service that provides expert witness testimony to the court. They will call upon you when they have a case that matches your expertise, and then you would proceed to provide the information you know to the judge and/or jury. You do, also, have to do your own research because your reputation can be destroyed on the stand if you are unprepared. Taking the word of the attorney that is hiring you for your services will not be enough; you will need to verify facts yourself to ensure your integrity.

Additionally, you must be an objective witness, testifying to what you know is fact. By trying to sway the facts to one side of the argument or the other will damage your credibility. Most attorneys would agree, too, that you keep writing to a minimum. Any notes, correspondence, reports, etc., that you may have written down, even as a preliminary outline, may be presented as discovery, including any reservations you may have, or any small opening the other side may use to impede your credibility.

When called to the stand, keep in mind that you want to be straight to the point, sincere and lacking in as much technical jargon as possible. If you attempt to “show everyone what you know”, you could come across as arrogant and condescending; you will lose the jury’s attention and respect with a disrespectful attitude. You will also want to be prepared for anything that might be thrown at you to make to appear not credible. Either have the attorney who hired you prepare you for potentially surprising questions, or read up on cases similar to the one you will be testifying at, so that you may see the situation from all angles. The less credible the opposing side makes you and your testimony appear, the better for their case! Recognize, too, that the case may hinge on your expert testimony, so you must ensure that based on all the information available to you that the facts you present are true and correct.

Expert witnesses have played a major part in some very famous trials. The trial of George Zimmerman, accused of shooting and killing teenager Trayvon Martin, claimed self-defense. An expert witness was called by the defense, and he corroborated the story that Zimmerman’s injuries were consistent with a struggle. The expert witness, Vincent Di Maio, is an expert in gunshot wounds, and he concluded that Martin’s clothing was in a position where he would have been leaning forward when he was shot. This, too, matched the story given my Zimmerman and many believed that Di Maio’s testimony was what sealed the deal: Zimmerman was acquitted of both second-degree murder and manslaughter.

An expert’s testimony can make or break a case, so it is imperative to find someone with a legitimate background who is completely unflappable while on the stand. They should be able to submit their facts in an unbiased, straight-forward manner, while maintaining composure regardless of the circumstances. Lives could potentially hang in the balance based on an expert’s testimony, a fact that has been seen in many cases over the years.

Video Production Project OKC

Video Production In Oklahoma City

on set of video shoot

We were out in Oklahoma City this past weekend working on a video shoot for a client project and had an amazing experience working with the local production crew. Pre-production meetings took place at a local green screen studio where we all compared notes and planned for the shoot. We had a few actors, wardrobe changes, and few set props, but most of the backdrop was of local landmarks in and around Oklahoma City. We thought we would keep local landmarks in the video to stage a grassroots type feel for the client. The video wasn’t going to be broadcast on television but instead used for Youtube and Facebook video advertising campaigns. Social media has just absorbed video content like a sponge and the amount of people contributing content daily is keeping consumers pleased and engaged. It’s an industry ripe for the taking for any hungry marketer with a video camera or cell phone. Video is so easy to capture these days as most of our electronic devices come equipped with a built-in camera, and cameras, in general, are as cheap as they have ever been. Therefore, we felt that the platforms we wanted to syndicate this video on should be where everyone else that doesn’t have a million dollar budget is pushing video content. The shoot started early after our pre-production meeting and ran into the early afternoon. The people were great, we were able to send a live feed of the takes to our clients to get a real-time approval of the video clips as they were produced. Technology is definitely on the side of the videographer these days. Once we shot all our scenes and had it all approved, we packed up and headed back to the studio to make our cuts and create an edit decision list (EDL) for the final mix. The audio engineers were really prepared, they had multiple channels of clean audio to choose from and that helped. We had a few camera angles, so the cuts were nice and natural when they transitioned from one scene to the next. We used the Adobe Premier Suite for our post-production editing and the video came out really sharp after there were some color correction plugins ran on the different cameras to get them a little more even between cuts. We hired a marketing group called Beyond Theory that specialized in video production in OKC. They lined up the videographers, sound engineers, green screen studio, and the post-production house where we finalized the project before flying out of OKC. As another Usable Resource for any business owner, I would recommend the team at Beyond Theory in addition to the Adobe Premier Video Suite for your editing needs. Adobe offers a monthly license which makes owning it much more affordable than buying it outright. The monthly subscription plan gives you access to the software as well as updates made to the software and It also covers compatibility between operating systems. Video editing software has come a long way since the early days, and for the price point, you really can’t go wrong owning Adobe Premier or any of the Adobe Creative Cloud products. The audio editing features are good, but investing in a DAW like Pro Tools for post audio production is advised.



Company Party At Top Golf

Company Lunch At Top Golf Scottsdale

We had a company lunch at Top Golf in Scottsdale and it was an amazing opportunity for all of us to have a few drinks, compete with each other, and share some laughs. I’m not big on company events that don’t offer team building games or interactions, so teaming up and competing for a high score at Top Golf was the perfect opportunity to continue building that rapport between co-workers and having some true fun while doing it. Golfing has always been a sport that’s synonymous with business. Getting the guys together for a round of 18 to discuss business has been an effective strategy for building relationships and making deals happen. golfing venue in scottsdaleWhen I heard the girls were getting together to swing some clubs and share a usable resource for our online community I was thrilled, plus I had always wanted to play a few rounds at Top Golf. Leading up to the event we all got together for a little gossip hour to discuss what we would be wearing and sharing while there. Personally, I’m not much of a golfer, so I didn’t have any cute women’s golf clothes to wear. I looked online and wasn’t a fan of the major label brands and what they had to offer which is what led me to look into some of the independent designer brands like Flirtee Golf. I ended up getting a skirt and a golf top to wear, something that fashionable cute with a little business built in for my coworkers. The other girls followed a similar path when choosing an outfit for the event. We all got a Lyft from Phoenix together and made the drive from Old Town Scottsdale to the Top Golf venue near the 101. Everyone showed up fashionably late and all the girls and their spouses looked amazing. We started off with some drinks to really get the party started and then ended up mellowing out for a few before grabbing a club and hitting some balls. Top Golf is cool because it’s not traditional golf, you golf from a platform and there are various games you can play to earn points. We all did pretty well, the games were pretty even and everyone was pretty close the whole time. We had plenty of time to talk business while playing, which leads me to the next suggestion I have for you. Top Golf is a very usable resource when it comes to planning a business gathering for either your internal group of employees on your business partners. Getting the right people into the right environment breeds productivity and can make all the difference when trying to build stronger bonds and build trust within a group of people.

Battling Bugs In The Workplace This Summer

Battling Bugs in The Home and Office This Summer

solutions for pest control

We spend a lot of time in Arizona, and bugs are big and creepy there. While this blog post may touch on some of the insects and rodents found there, some of these solutions are universal no matter which state you are in. Enjoy this usable resource and make sure to apply some of these tips to prevent bugs from infesting your home or office this summer.

There’s just no nice way to say it:  summer can be excruciating. The long, hot, dry days with little rain and scorching hot temperatures make summertime feel like the heat just envelopes you, just like when you open your heated oven. To make matters worse, the bugs come out to play in the sun and finding a way to keep your home or office protected is an important endeavor. Finding a pest control solution for your home or office is an even more important endeavor.

While there are millions of different species of insects, only a handful of them seem to invade homes and offices on a regular basis. The best way to combat the bugs is to know what to look for and how to discourage them from moving into your abode. Not all bugs are attracted to the same elements; for instances, some thrive on water sources while others avoid them. Knowing how to prepare for these unwelcome summer visitors and how to dissuade them from returning means preparing now.

While tarantulas are scary looking, with their big, hairy, slow moving arms and body, they aren’t necessarily dangerous. Their bite will hurt, but they are not poisonous; just ugly and frightening. They like to hang out in grassy areas that have sandy and dry soil and at the base roots of plants. They may also make nests in your house, in attic spaces and darkened corners, and they only come out at night. Tarantulas like clutter, so any spot that gives them a place to nest, they will take it, like old sheds or old, empty boxes. You can use various powders to kill tarantulas but chemical sprays don’t work as well, since they don’t absorb the poison through their feet. You will also need to remove the clutter so they don’t return.

scorpion removal

Summer is also prime time for scorpions, every desert dwellers nightmare. These suckers may be small, but they pack a painful punch if you happen to be stung by one. While they aren’t deadly, the venom they produce, especially the small ones, can cause breathing problems, especially in people who are allergic. The ones to truly watch out for are the bark scorpions; these nasty little guys are the only type of scorpion that can move vertically. All other scorpions are relegated to floors. To dissuade scorpions from hanging around your house, there are a few simple tricks, including changing your outdoor bulbs from white to yellow. White bulbs attract bugs; bugs attract scorpions, who then eat the bugs. The fewer bugs, the fewer scorpions. Win-win. Also, scorpions like those built up woodpiles, to make sure to use caution when picking up the wood around your home or office. Make sure you seal your property tightly; check the weather stripping around windows and doors to keep scorpions at bay.

While termites stay busy all year long, the especially like the summer months because this is when they build their mud tubes, or the chambers that take them directly to your house. If you keep firewood outside your home, make sure it is stored on racks above the ground and as far away from your home as possible. There are several ways to fight termites before they take a bite out of your home. You can make a boric acid and water mixture and paint it on a piece of wood outside your home. The termites will be drawn to it, but the poison will kill them. Termites don’t like white vinegar and lemon juice, either, so spraying the concoction on the affected area should eventually rid your home and office of them.

Probably the most nefarious insect of them all is the dreaded cockroach. Cockroaches just love the warm summers, and they will come out in droves. Once the summer monsoons hit and the immense rainwater fills the sewers, the roaches will start moving into homes looking for food. The best way to fight these dirty creatures is to keep your areas clean and free of food and debris. Take out the trash often, too. Make sure your home is sealed and that any holes in screens or fixed or replaced. Don’t give them an entryway into your home!

cockroach infestation

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure your home is not overrun with bugs during the summer. First, any outdoor items like chairs, toys, rugs, etc., should stay outside. Any items brought inside should be thoroughly cleaned, first. Outdoor furniture is often a beacon for spiders and other nesting bugs; make sure you clean off your patio furniture before you use it! If you see a build-up of water by your home, you are inviting bugs over for a party. Mosquitoes especially love standing water, but termites use water to build their mud tunnels and scorpions are drawn to water, too. You will need to keep your landscaping in check to make sure pests don’t decide to take up residence in your yard, and eventually, your house. Warmer states are also home to some beautiful fruit trees, but if they just litter your yard with dead fruit, the bugs will come. Fruit flies will have a frenzy with rotting fruit lying around, so make sure to care for your fruit trees.

When all else fails, a professional pest control company can help you devise a plan to kill the critters that are plaguing you. They can offer you regular pest control appointments to ensure your home is protected all year long. You can start by finding a company that will give you a free assessment and tips on how to keep your home bug-free.  You will want your exterminators to be certified, experienced and to stand by their work; a reputable company will come back and spray again if the problem persists. Ask your family and friends for recommendations and check the Better Business Bureau and similar websites for ratings. Summertime is tough enough; no one wants to have to constantly battle bugs and the heat. Preparing early and finding a trusted, professional service are the best ways to keep your home free and clear!





History Of Wigs

A History of Wigs

vintage hair piece

So my father has watched his hairline recede for the last 10 years and has battled with confidence issues because of it. As a traveling sales manager for his company he relies on a polished, professional look to get him in the door and infant of his clients. Although he opted out of getting a wig, I decided to write this anyway. Thankfully he took my advice and visited and received a consultation for a hair transplant in Oklahoma City. It think a transplant will improve his confidence and won’t be as obvious as a wig might be. On that note, here is a usable resource about wigs. While searching for options for him I learned a lot along the way. Enjoy!

Wigs have a storied history, from the powdered wigs of the 1700’s to the outrageous wigs worn by today’s celebrities, wigs have been an integral part of society. From practical purposes to fashion accessories, wigs have been around for centuries.

Hairpieces have actually been around since the Egyptian days, when the hot, dry climate necessitated shaved heads for both men and women. Egyptians worn wigs to protect their exposed scalps from the brutal sun. Privileged Egyptians decided to decorate their wigs to celebrate their wealth and social status. Expensive wigs were made of human hair, animal hair, vegetable fibers and beeswax, and many had decorative items like beads, and ribbons. As with King Tut, the famous Egyptian prince, many of the wealthy were buried in their tombs while wearing their wigs so they could be beautiful and rich in the next life.

old Egyptian wig

Although wigs were an everyday accessory for the Egyptians, not all cultures embraced the wig. It wasn’t until a major syphilis outbreak in 16th century Europe and those afflicted with the disease lost their hair. To be bald in 16th century Europe meant you had a venereal disease and that everyone would know, so wigs came into fashion. These wigs were made of goat hair, horse hair or human hair and then coated in a scented powder to hide any smell that might be associated with the syphilis disease. These powdered wigs, called perukes, were worn all the way through the 1700’s by colonial men and Englishmen alike. Since so many people needed to wear wigs, their price soon ballooned and soon the aristocrats started spending their money on elaborate hairpieces to show their wealth. The more money one had, the bigger the wig; hence the term “bigwig”. These wigs, often in different shapes and styles, conveyed one’s social status, for only the wealthy wore elaborate hairpieces. Lower class subjects tried to style their real hair to make it look like they were wearing wigs, since they couldn’t afford the real thing. Oftentimes, the higher classes would have their wigs stolen by less fortunate folks; possibly the precursor for the colloquial “wig-snatchers” of today

Another reason wigs were so popular hundreds of years ago: head lice. Lice were a very large problem back then, and the lice would infest people’s hair. To wear a peruke, a person would have to shave all of their natural hair off, so the lice would then take up residence in the wig instead. Ridding lice from wigs was a much easier task than trying to remove them from regular hair; wigs were returned to wigmakers who boiled them in hot water to kill the lice.

wigs from the French Revolution

Wigs slowly died out in fashion in Europe after the French Revolution, when no one wanted to emulate the aristocrats any longer. King Louis XVI wore a wig because he was losing his hair, and the other noblemen of the day followed suit to show off their elevated status in society. The long, curly wigs worn by men and the bouffant wigs like those worn by Marie Antoinette lost favor once the aristocrats were overthrown; when Marie Antoinette lost her head to the guillotine, her wig went, too.

While wearing a wig is not an everyday occurrence for most modern day people, wigs now have a broader appeal than ever before. Wigs can be worn for purely aesthetic reasons, like matching an outfit. Lots of people wear wigs for vanity reasons; to cover thinning hair or to make them look younger and more vibrant. For others, wigs are just easy; you grab and go instead of spending a great deal of time on fixing your hair. Many performers wear wigs, like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj, and the wilder, the better. Some wigs are made out of real human hair, others are synthetic wigs that look like human hair, but are easier to maintain. Other types of hair pieces, like hair extensions, have grown increasingly sought after in recent years. Clipping in strips of hair to blend with natural hair has been a way to create more volume, or even lengthen short hair. Other entertainers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are known for changing their looks with hair extensions. Fashion wigs and costume wigs are another fun way of reinventing your look without a lot of effort, and they are also great for parties and Halloween!

Some wigs are worn for medical purposes, like those wigs used by chemotherapy patients who have lost all their hair. chemo patient Some of these patients feel better wearing a wig because it makes them feel more like themselves before they lost their hair. Other medical conditions, like simple hair loss in both men and women, are cause for someone to wear a wig. The wig can cover the entire head or it can be just a toupee, or partial hairpiece used to cover the balding spot. While many years ago entertainers wore toupees for vanity reasons, fashion trends now embrace the bald head, and stars such as Vin Diesel and the Rock, Dwayne Johnson, have paved the way for balding gentlemen to embrace their shiny domes.

There are religious reasons people wear wigs, too. In the Orthodox Jewish culture, women wear the Jewish “sheitel,” which hides a woman’s natural hair from all men other than her husband. Once a woman has married, her hair is covered since she no longer needs to attract the attention of another man.

Regardless of why people wear wigs, whether it’s to follow the rules of a particular religion, to feel better about themselves or to celebrate individuality, there are no set standards. From wild, colorful hairpieces to simple clip in styles, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So, no matter its function—practical, artistic, or just for show—the wig continues to play a pivotal role in our lives. The real question is: what’s the next step for this highly adaptable accessory? Matching colored hairpieces worn by servers at chain restaurants? Hologram wigs, that can be switched on and off with the click of a button? A subscription wig-by-mail service, a la Netflix? We can’t wait to find out.


Improve Your Nutritional Intake For Better Productivity

10 Reasons Why Better Nutrition Improve Performance

nutrient rich foodsIf you are a business owner you can’t afford to take sick days, staying healthy through proper nutrition is key to running a successful business and here are some reasons why eating healthier is going to help you accomplish more of your business goals. So, whether you are trying to shed weight to pursue success, get fit for health, or simply live a much healthier life, eating healthful supplies many different advantages. Regardless of your inspiration might be, here are our top 10 reasons why you need to sneak a couple more protein rich, nutrient-packed, health foods in your diet plan as soon as possible.

1. You Will Be More Effective:

Just like the vehicle you drive, your mind wants quality nutrition pumping through it so that it can operate economically. There is 1 study that found that eating unhealthy foods places you in a 66% percent higher risk of productivity reduction. As noted in the beginning of this article, if growing your businesses this year is something you are going to take serious, then obviously a 66% decrease in productivity isn’t going to work. Eating a healthful, balanced diet to ensure that your brain gets the fuel it needs to perform at the highest level and provide you with the energy needed to gain enhanced productivity on the job. This is also something that should be passed along to staff members, co workers, and business partners as a beneficial pick-me-up for everyone.

2. You Will Be Happier – I Promise (unless you are a miserable person):

The food we ingest impacts our brain function, good foods packed with nutrition can influence mood and the better the foods you are feeding your brain the better the chances are for you absorb that energy into your everyday activities leaving you in a better mood as a result of better productivity. Did you know organic bananas contain 10 mg of dopamine, a principal mood booster that the mind love to absorb? The health benefits of Dark Chocolate are well noted throughout history. Did you know that dark chocolate, packaged with polyphenol, is known to improve serotonin, a neurotransmitter that lots of antidepressants also aim to increase. Please note that if you are seriously worried about your moods you need to see a physician, unless you just have a case of the dumps then a drink with a good friend might help, otherwise take a shot at eating a dark-chocolate coated banana for breakfast. This is a great way to kick off the day.

3. Your Stress Levels Will Decrease:

There are Specific foods we can incorporate into our diet that have the capacity to moderate our body’s natural level of cortisol, the stress hormone that get’s us all… well, stressed. There are a number of studies that have found that nutritional foods packaged with vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium help decrease cortisol levels naturally in our body. After the body reaches a chronic state of anxiety, it breaks down proteins internally to prepare for the battle ahead. This is not healthy as our bodies can use those proteins for more productive things like muscle growth. Eating a protein-rich diet, such as fish and milk, helps replenish protein levels in the body and maintain healthy cortisol levels.

4. Will Help You Control Your Weight:

There are some common sense efforts you can make to increase your health and controlling your weight through proper diet and exercise coachdiet and exercise is one of those things. healthy choices like substituting soda with water, picking carrots rather than chips, and ordering a side salad instead of chips not only can help you eliminate weight, in addition, it will be able to help you to save money. If your eating habits are something that you have trouble with you can join a local gym, or if your business is taking up most of your time you can hire an online nutrition coach that can help you plan your diet with the foods you love, just portioned so that you can still eat what you want but at the same time loose the weight needed to get healthier and more productive. The typical American family blows about $850 annually on soft drinks, which may easily be substituted with healthier alternative. I heard a Dr. say one time, “would you wash your car with soda? So why would you put it in your body?” Interesting thought for sure!

5. Better Health Equated To Less Eating:

As you transition your diet into something of quality foods and less garbage you tend to eat less because your body is getting the nutrition it needs to thrive and operate at a high level, quality will always trump quantity when it comes to fueling the body. Fresh foods in your diet include fewer low-nutrient fillers which the body burns off much faster than “filler foods”. If you’re getting and eating less food, then you are going to have less body fat, and more cash in your pocket for other things.

6. It Tastes So Much Better – Trust Me:

Ok, there is probably not a kid in the world that would exchange their Big Mac to get a beet hamburger right? But chances are there isn’t a kid in the world reading this article either. Though taste is subjective, when properly prepared, healthy foods can taste amazing. There are studies that study show that individuals tend to perceive that healthful foods taste better though they usually don’t. In a blind taste test, participants stated that organic coffee tasted better than the ordinary cup a Joe they were drinking, the funny thing is that  the 2 cups were exactly the same brew. So it’s always possible that a beet burger is better than a Big Mac….. or not.

7. You Will Gracefully From Older:

So many people pump their bodies with toxins that destroy the skins service, dry it out, and leave the body wrinkled in time. But why pay for expensive and painful Botox processes to cover up something that could have been prevented anyway. How about just taking care of your body and skin with proper nutrients and through better diet and exercise? Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants can help protect your skin and clean your blood. Fresh berries and salmon contain super antioxidants and natural omega-3 fatty acids that equally help to enhance the health of your skin’s cells and slow premature aging.

8. You Can Get Fit:

Get fit so you can be more productive. Finding a local Gym to workout at with a personal trainer can benefit productivity and your desire to improve your health. If time is limited you can always look into an online nutrition coach to help you stay the course when starting off. Once the initial stages of dieting have begun, it is often times easier to navigate the process alone. But having an online nutrition coach to design the meal plans and walk you through he first few months can be extremely beneficial for improving success. There are personal problems people have like disordered eating that can be difficult to overcome. Issues that can surface as a result of these disorders, particularly over the long term may be a risk factor for chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. If all you are eating is junk and you are missing out on the benefits of nutrient rich foods packed with protein, minerals, and vitamins your body needs, your muscle mass will decline as your own fat storage accumulates internally. There are some estimates that say at least 30 percent of cancers are associated with diet. This is sad since this means it could be avoided with diet and exercise. One study stated that six thousand girls were tested and it was found that the girls who ate the maximum amount of cabbage, turnips, broccoli, lettuce, and cauliflower had a lesser chance of developing breast cancer after menopause. I wonder how much cabbage that is exactly?

9. Diet And Exercise Will Increase Your Life Span:

eating healthier foodsThis isn’t a guarantee but it will definitely increase your odds if the alternative is eating fast foods and junk. By eating healthy you can avoid ailments that may decrease your life expectancy. There was another study that suggested that a daily diet of vegetables and fruit, in conjunction with exercise, prolonged life expectancy for women in their 70s. My mother is in her 70’s, this is a study I will be sharing with her. There was another group of researchers that examined a group of volunteers over the course of a year and the study indicated that  vegetarian or vegetarian low-meat diets might help you live a longer lifetime. And yet another study points to nuts as a means to lower your chance of early departure. However you want to digest this, a healthful diet may play a significant part in how long you will live. Get yourself an personal trainer if you need help, hire an online nutrition coach, find a local doctor, join a local weight loss club for motivation, just do something about if you are struggling with your health and weight.

10. Put More Money Back In Your Pocket:

A lot of the benefits of healthful eating contribute to possible savings. All the eating out you might be doing, the money spent on fast food, and junk food goes to the waste side. Also,iIf you are staying healthy with diet and exercise, you will have fewer health bills to pay and by cutting back on food, you will eat less which equates to fewer trips to the grocery store, which equals savings on not only food, but gas, and time. By taking care of your body properly through diet and exercise you can then take care of the rest of your life.

Repairing The Roof Of Our Oklahoma Vacation Home

Roof Replacement in Oklahoma City

roof replacementThere was a storm that blew through Oklahoma this winter that knocked one of the trees down on our vacation property in Oklahoma. There are two issues that came of this. First we had to hire a tree trimmer in Oklahoma City to come in and clean up the overhang from the other trees on the property. We have some much overhang on our property from the old growth trees it’s a disaster waiting to happen. In addition to getting the trees trimmed, we should probably have some cut down also. There is always the possibility that extreme winds rip through Oklahoma and de-root our trees. Cleaning the property up and preparing it for the eventual wind storm that is inevitable is the best thing we can do for preventative measures. The other issue that came of this was the reality that we needed to replace our entire roof. We knew we had to repair the damage, but when the roof estimator came out and evaluated the damage he was adamant that we replace the whole roof. I don’t think we had replaced it since we owned it. The roof was an old shingle roof that husband would maintain on occasion if shingle broke loose or rotted out. What we didn’t know was that there was water damage to the plywood underneath the shingles. So while the roof appeared healthy on the surface, it was a mess underneath. We hired an Oklahoma City roofing specialist to re-roof the entire home. We also found out while they were in the attic that the water had dripped through and damaged some items we had store in the attic. Fortunately most of it were things we could replace. The new roof was a composite shake that basically has a lifetime warranty. They look like real wood shakes, but are synthetic and last longer. We are excited about the repair being done and this shouldn’t be an issue again in our lifetime (hopefully). If you have a home or vacation home in Oklahoma and are in need of a roofing contractor or a qualified tree trimmer I would recommend both of the companies we hired. This is another Usable Resoure from your friends at YourUsabilityResource.com.

Owning And Detailing Classic Cars

How To Own And Care For Your Classic Car

fully detailed classic car

Some people collect stamps; some collect rare coins. When you’re really rich, what do you collect? If you are Ralph Lauren, Tim Allen, Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld, or a number of other filthy rich celebrities, you collect classic cars. It’s hard to imagine adding a fish tank to a car, but singer Wyclef Jean did just that. When you have money to burn, burning it with gasoline seems like a logical choice. This is another usable resource for those of you continuing to build businesses and make money. With more money comes more toys! If you have decided to diversify your portfolio with a classic car collection there are some things to consider. 

While there is no standard for a “classic” car, most classic car enthusiasts agree with the Classic Car Club of America—a classic is a car produced between 1925 and 1948. While many celebrities focus on newer sports cars, many love the older, more ‘established’ vehicles with a sense of history. Many states determine a car to be an antique after 20 years, but a classic transcends antique; a Pinto may be an antique car, but an older Mustang is a classic.

Unlike most classic car owners, Jay Leno asserts that he drives them all—all 169 automobiles and all 117 motorcycles. He’s the proud owner of such sought after cars as the 1930 Bentley G400 with its V12 engine; the 1970 Mazda Cosmo 110S, a limited edition car, and the aerodynamic and sleek 1963 Jaguar XKE Coupe. Ralph Lauren’s collection, the cars he DOESN’T drive, include a 1929 Bentley Blower and a 1958 Ferrari Testarossa. Tim Allen, of “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” television shows, is an enthusiast of American muscle cars, including a 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C. And Jerry Seinfeld, who built a career on “nothing”, spent a lot of something to acquire a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS and a 1955 Porsche 550 RS—as well as another rumored 44 Porsche models. When you have the money, you can literally burn it—with gasoline fuel.

Oklahoma car detailer The great thing about classic cars is they are the great equalizer—you don’t have to be insanely rich to own one. You may have gotten lucky and your old uncle may have left you his 1960 Ford Thunderbird for you to tool around in, or maybe you bought a classic before it was a classic and held on to it. If you weren’t lucky enough to happen onto a classic car, you can still save your money and invest in a sweet ride, or start your own collection! We spoke to an OKC car detailing professional about maintaining the vehicle in an effort to retain its value. He went on to say that the attention to detail monthly is dependent on how well the car is kept. Obviously the better it’s maintained, the less time you have to invest in detailing it when it’s time to sell.

So where do you begin to find these classics, and what can you expect? One great idea is to scout out classic car shows, held at various spots across the country. It’s an excellent way to see these cars up close and personal and to ask other car enthusiasts how they got their start. If you’re feeling very brave, and you have the dollars to back it up, you may even bid on one of the beauties, but you should do your homework first.

If you have your eye on a specific car, it is best to learn all you can about its history and its upkeep. You may get a screaming deal on the car itself, but if you intend on driving it and the parts are astronomical, you probably won’t drive it—or possibly own it—very long. If you intend to drive it, it doesn’t have to be in competition level condition, as long as it is maintainable. If you do plan to show it, it will need to be as original as possible, and you will want to try to keep the mileage low. The weather is another factor to consider; you don’t want to subject your car to the elements, if possible, so you’ll also have to factor in where you will keep the car. Parking it on the street is probably not the best idea for various, obvious reasons!

Once you have settled on a car, its purpose as a transportation vehicle or a show vehicle and where you are going to house the car, it’s time to start looking. You can scour classic car websites, go to shows or even join a club for car enthusiasts; all could conceivably lead you to that classic car you desire. Joining a car club would give you the opportunity to speak with other owners and learn the pros and cons of owning the vehicle, and they could also help point you in the right direction when acquiring the car of your dreams. When purchasing something from an online site, make sure to see the car before you purchase it. It may show well from one side of the car, but the other side may be dented or rusted; something you may not see in pictures. You will also want to drive the car, if the owner is agreeable, to ensure it is of sound quality, especially if you plan on using the vehicle on a regular basis. Once you have found a car you are interested in purchasing, treat it as you would if you were buying a home:  have a classic car inspector look at it to make sure it is in good shape and then compare other similar cars and their prices. You will also want to make sure the car has a clean title to make sure it does not have a lien against it and to ensure it is not stolen! You can also acquire a used vehicle history report to see how many previous owners the particular car had and if it had been involved in any accidents. Making a purchase of this magnitude requires due diligence.

If you decide to move forward with the purchase, recognize that buying the car is one expense; maintaining and housing it are ongoing, separate expenses. You will have to obtain classic car insurance which is costly, as well. However, if you budget in these additions, you should be able to enjoy your purchase without worry. Classic car owners find that these vehicles are well worth the effort and expense; owing a piece of history makes it worthwhile. Who knows, after buying your first classic, you may be on your way to an extensive collection!

Installing Granite Stone Countertops In Our AZ Office

Newly Installed Granite In Our Phoenix Office

granite contractorMany of us have the luxury of owning our own businesses, homes, and vacation homes. We just remodeled the interior of one of our offices in Arizona. My business partner had bought out an industrial space in Phoenix and completely remodeled the interior of the space before moving any employees into it. The new office space has an open floor plan and is equipped with a beautiful employee kitchen and eating area. As we discussed this project prior to completing it, we determined there were some touches we really wanted to make it unique to us and our business. Granite countertops was one of those must have items we wanted all throughout the office. We had a granite installer in Phoenix come in and measure all the surface areas and confirm path we could install the natural stone in both bathrooms and the kitchen area. They took measurements and confirmed that they had enough granite material to cover all the surface space in the kitchen and bathrooms. At that, I will leave you with this. Granite is beautiful, durable, and highly recommended. Below you will find my take on granite, enjoy!

As few as thirty years ago, the only people who knew about granite were geologists. When granite first made its debut as a countertop, it came in limited colors and it was very expensive. These countertops were so expensive, people who opted to have them installed could not expect a fair return on investment. Fast-forward thirty years, and granite is the go-to natural stone used in homes and businesses as the countertop of choice. Its varied designs and colors as well as its durability have made granite countertops increasingly popular in many American homes. Granite is something homeowners nowadays, well, take for granted!

Your parents or grandparents had to muddle through with tile, solid surfacing or plastic laminate countertops; not so anymore. Countertops have grown up and become their very own status symbol. Years ago, an entire kitchen would cost the same amount as a few slabs of granite today, but in its defense, the granite is much stronger and longer-lasting than any of the countertops of yesteryear. While laminate countertops peel and tile countertops chip, granite countertops will last until you decide to replace them, not because you must replace them. Plus, the granite’s natural colors can be used to highlight the kitchen, making it a showpiece of the home.

Granite is known as an igneous rock, which means “born of fire”. Granite is formed from molten magna far beneath the Earth’s crust and then it hardened as the Earth cooled. Formulated of quartz, feldspar and mica, these large mineral grains fit tightly together. As the most common rock in the continental crust, it is mined and cut into slabs, where it is polished and sold mainly for use as bathroom and kitchen countertops. While granite is generally lighter in color, it is noted for its “vein” or “flecks” of darker color that come from additional minerals in the granite. Granite does not crack or chip easily, and it is very easy to clean, making it a desirable kitchen workplace. It is highly scratch resistant and can withstand hot pots and plates without damaging its surface, making it an excellent product for both kitchen and bath counters. While it is scratch resistant, it is also a very porous material, so cutting directly on the granite is not advised. Germs and bacteria can build which can lead to some health hazards. It is important to have the granite countertop sealed preferably once a year to help protect against its porous nature and to ensure it doesn’t succumb to stains. Once granite has been damaged or broken, it is difficult to repair. A stone restoration professional should be called to assess the damage and to see if the stone can be repaired. The other major drawback to granite is that it is not a ‘green’ substance; its harvesting process requires digging up the Earth to retrieve it.

Having granite installed in the kitchen or bathroom is a great long term investment. preparing granite to cutSince it is so durable and easy to clean, it is very desirable, especially when it comes time to sell your home. Granite, when well cared for, will outlast even soapstone and quartz when used in a bathroom or kitchen. Aesthetically, they are beautiful, and you can select the colors and the amount of mineral color you would like to run through it. If you appreciate the veins and flecks, you can get something with more character, while granite offers subtle colorations, too. With so many different colors and patterns to choose from, and the durability of the rock itself, it’s no wonder granite is such a popular natural stone.

As with many types of natural stone, there are variations, and not just in the color. “Granite” is a loose term; natural stone dealers consider granite to be any type of rock with big grains and hard minerals which may not technically be considered granite by geologists. Natural stone dealers can have the granite quarried into a dimension stone, a natural rock that is cut into slabs of a certain length, width and thickness. Natural stone dealers know that granite, in the broad sense, can be used not only for durable countertops, but also for headstones and monuments. Found in such places as Yosemite Valley, California, and Pike’s Peak, Colorado, granite is abundant and beautiful. Even Mount Rushmore in South Dakota was carved in granite almost 80 years ago, and the presidents look like they haven’t aged a day. The rocks resistance to acid rain and general weathering make it an excellent outdoor choice for these purposes, as well. To say granite is rock hard is giving too much credit to the term “rock hard”; granite is virtually stronger than steel. Second only to diamonds in hardness, granite is an excellent choice for heavy duty jobs.

Granite is plentiful, especially in areas like India and Brazil, where it is less expensive to extract from the ground due to labor costs. Once it was determined that there was a demand for granite, more and more sites began mining it, causing costs to drop and the color options to increase. In the United States, the areas with the most granite are Massachusetts, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Idaho.

Granite comes in so many colors and styles, it is best to work with an expert when selecting which will work best in your home. Selecting a natural stone like granite will bring a warmth and elegance to your home, and its ease of care is unmatched. While initially the cost may seem expensive, the durability and longevity of the stone will give you your money’s worth. This natural stone is unique in each slab, and it never loses its brilliance, even as it ages. You will want to make sure that you seal your granite at least once a year to protect it from oils and stains. Since the material is so porous, items like red wine and mustard can’t add colors to your granite that you don’t really want! Like most materials, the better you care for it, the longer it will last.

Boulder Colorado

Take A Vacation And Enjoy Boulder Colorado

All business owners find themselves working real hard at some point in their business ventures. Regardless of how busy you get, you must make time for yourself and your family. Balance is key to a healthy work/family life. Your Usability Resources are meant for the busy individuals who can’t find the time to locate the information they require in a timely manner. This resource page is about Boulder Colorado and the various things you can enjoy should you decide to visit the popular tourist destination.

Exploring Boulder

When you picture Boulder, Colorado, snow and the Rocky Mountains may come to mind. Boulder, however, is more than just a mountain town; in addition to being home to just over 100,000 people, Boulder offers plenty of activities to keep any visitor busy. Just forty-five minutes north of the capital of Denver, Boulder offers the laid-back, outdoor lifestyle that makes it a popular tourist destination.

mountain range in coloradoActivities abound in Boulder, regardless of the time of year. A very outdoor community, Boulder offers an active outdoor adventure for novices to experts. Boulder features of 300 miles of beautiful hiking and biking trails of Boulder Creek Path that borders Boulder Creek. Rock climbing is also a very popular sport in Boulder, featuring unique rock formations at the Flatirons, Eldorado Canyon just south of Boulder and Boulder Canyon to the west. Boulder Creek is a hot spot, especially in the summer months. Tubing, kayaking and fly-fishing are attractive options on the creek and boat rentals on the Boulder Reservoir are available, too. To soar to new heights and truly see all of Boulder, try a glorious hot air balloon ride or helicopter ride. Horseback riding at one of the various stables near Boulder is another great way to explore the prairies. With almost 300 sunny days per year, outdoor adventures in Boulder beckon!

Of course, spring and summer are not the only months to venture outside in Boulder; fall offers fairly mild temperatures while winter brings an average of 90 inches of snowfall each year. Cross country skiing, ice climbing, and snowshoeing are all well-liked winter activities. Downhill skiing is just thirty minutes away, as well.

Colorado Sports

For professional sports enthusiasts, Boulder is a perfect place. Located just twenty-five miles north of Denver, a quick trip into the city to see the Broncos play football or the Rockies play a baseball game is totally feasible. Denver is also home to the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, the Denver Nuggets basketball team and the Colorado Rapids soccer team, so there is something for sports fans.

Boulder Art and Artist Attractions

Boulder residents enjoy an area celebrated not only for its outdoor activities, but as a mecca for artists. Named one of the Top 10 Cities for Artists byart museum in Boulder Business Week magazine, Boulder boasts a vibrant art culture. The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art offers educational programs and houses some of the finest in local and national contemporary art works. Food is also a favorite feature in Boulder, with the city being recognized as  America’s Foodiest Town by Bon Appetit magazine. If you’re looking to expand your arts, culture and culinary horizons, Boulder had a lot of options. From October to May, Boulder features a series of Bach-focused events and concerts, as well as the Boulder International Film Festival in February. Boulder also offers a series of summer concerts at the Colorado Music Festival. Boulder’s Art Week, March 30-April 7, this year, hosts art walks, exhibitions, performances, workshops and music all throughout the town. If you’re looking to enlighten your taste buds, the aptly named The Kitchen features farm to table fresh foods and features a community night dinner on Mondays where groups share meals family-style. Snarf’s, with its unique sandwiches, is a Boulder must-dine and for the special night out, Frasca, serves the finest pastas, seafood, and lamb, all paired with the perfect wine.

Fun Things To Do in Boulder

Boulder prides itself on offering unusual but fun events to attract visitors. The Bolder Boulder, a 10 km race run on Memorial Day, has been a Boulder staple since 1979. Runners of all abilities are invited to participate with the race ending at Folsom Field. It’s the fifth largest timed race in the world! If you’re into challenges like the Bolder Boulder, here’s an even bolder one:  the Polar Bear Plunge. On New Year’s Day, you can join in as others jump into the freezing Boulder Reservoir—just to say you’ve done it! Hot tubs are nearby for plungers to warm up after their dip in the reservoir.  Trick or treat takes on a whole new meaning in Boulder; dozens of people participate in the naked pumpkin run. Runners don just tennis shoes, and a hallowed out pumpkin on their heads to hide their identities as they maneuver through town wearing nothing but a jack-o-lantern grin. Another unusual Boulder event:  420 day. Since marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, groups of people gather on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus to partake in marijuana smoking at 4:20 in the afternoon, on April 20th. Marijuana can be purchased legally at this Colorado dispensary (https://helpinghandsdispensary.com/). Since Boulder is a college town, offbeat events are the norm in this city!

farmers market on Pearl StreetHowever, if you are looking for ‘normal’ fun while in Boulder, you can always check out the delightful shopping at the Pearl Street Mall. With four blocks of prime restaurants, and specialty shops, Pearl Street Mall is a favorite spot for tourists. Pearl Street is home of the Band on the Bricks, a weekly, free event featuring beer from local breweries, music and street acts. The local farmers’ market by Pearl Street is also a popular place to pick up fresh goods during the spring and summer months. Near the college campus, The Hill, features nightlife and stores geared towards the college aged crowd. While by the college campus, bring the younger kids to the Media Archeology Lab, home to technology of yesteryear. Kids will marvel at old typewriters, rotary telephones, microfiche, and the first home computers. This is a “hands-on” museum where visitors are encouraged to explore. Or, take the kids to Gateway Park Fun Center where they can race go-carts, play mini-golf or run through the human maze! Older kids may enjoy the shows and lectures at the Fiske Planetarium, featuring the Zeiss, a one of a kind stargazing machine. In addition to Eldorado Canyon State Park and Chautauqua Park, the whole family will love the challenge of Flagstaff Mountain, whose apex features a nature center, interactive exhibits and stunning views.

Boulder offers a great deal of activities, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Visiting Boulder any time of year offers different opportunities for sporting adventures, nightlife, culture, excellent food and fun for kids. Plan your vacation to Boulder today!

Federal Resources for Small Businesses

Federal Resources for Small Businesses
Federal officials, including Alabama Congressman Bradley Byrne, were in the Port City Thursday looking to help small businesses boost international sales. The team spent the day at Xante Corporation.

Byrne said there are federal resources available, like the Export Import Bank of the United States that can help businesses move Alabama-made goods to places across the world.

Xante is one of the many places in our area that’s seeing the significant benefits of exporting overseas.

“Like Xante, it may be the working capital they need while their goods are being sold, shipped and sold, and the money comes back to them or it may be credit insurance and what they do by providing that in full faith and credit of the federal government. They’re making things happen that wouldn’t happen overseas otherwise,” Byrne said.

Xante Corporation employs about 150 people.

Best Resources To Learn SEO For Small Businesses

Best Resources To Learn SEO For Small Businesses
I received an email very recently asking “what are the best resources to start learning SEO” so I wanted to record a training video sharing with you the best resources to get started in my opinion.

These resources are intended for those looking to get started, those who want to learn the basics of SEO and get up to speed so you don’t have to rely on very expensive agencies and crucially so people out there cannot scare or intimidate you by making SEO sound really scare.

The resources I speak about and recommend are:

In addition I discuss my own free training resources, I have my Agency blog where I share industry news and updates.


I also have a dedicated training academy for small businesses who want to learn SEO, if you like to learn via watching videos then my academy may be really interesting for you and I encourage you to check it out.

If you do have any questions or comments on this video let me know just below. Otherwise best of luck learning SEO and growing your small business yourself.

Resources Available to Help Small Business Go Green – Marianne Markowitz SBA

Resources Available to Help Small Business Go Green – Marianne Markowitz SBA
What is the SBA doing to help small business find funds to go green? Where can SMB get info as to resources? http://www.scorechicago.org An excerpt of an interview with Mark E Goodman and Marianne Markowitz on CAN TV21 Hotline show recorded March 30, 2010. In this segment, Mark and Marianne discuss how they are working on a program to consolidate information and resources.. You can watch the entire interview at http://blip.tv/file/3423337

Small Business Resources – Conroe TX

Small Business Resources – Conroe TX
Small Business Resources – Conroe TX
Connect with us: Text BizW to 71441

We give small businesses big business resources on a small business budget

We provide a one stop shop for local small business to find products and services they need to generate more leads and customers, service their clients, be resourced by partnering services like payroll, legal, insurance, software, web hosting, web design, bookkeeping, banking, lending sources for business expansion, business assessment tools, office supplies, office equipment, business coaching, business consulting, compliance training, safety training, and more.

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Many small businesses can be started at a low cost and on a part-time basis, while a person continues a regular job with an employer or provides care for family members in the home. In developing countries, many small businesses are sole-proprietor operations such as selling produce at a market stall or preparing hot food to sell on the street, that provide a small income.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation.

Conroe Today’s Business Directory is the most comprehensive, easy to use, local online “yellow pages” directory of Conroe Texas Texas businesses and organizations.

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U.S. Small Business Administration Resources | Travelers Institute

U.S. Small Business Administration Resources | Travelers Institute
Anne Hunt from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) explains how the SBA is working to help small businesses succeed.

Learn more about the Travelers Institute: www.travelersinstitute.org

Group Coaching in Chicago, Small Business Resources for Coaches and Consultants

Group Coaching in Chicago, Small Business Resources for Coaches and Consultants
Access your FREE eBook on improving your business from the experienced successful business consultant to coaches, consultants and independent professionals, Joe Costantino. You will have your free guide Powering Up YOUR Practice presented in seven powerful and easy-to-implement steps.

How to Attract Resources To Your Small Business

How to Attract Resources To Your Small Business
A discussion on how improving your ToBe List can elevate the entrepreneurs game.