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The Best Way To Upgrade Your Office And Liquidate Old Computers

computer liquidation - recycling plantComputer liquidation is a growing concern as technology evolves at a pace none of us can keep up with, but companies must liquidate their computers at some point and upgrade or get left behind. I can’t afford to upgrade my laptop every year, but if a business pinches pennies in that department it can become a costly mistake. The software companies are in bed with the hardware companies and everything has compatibility expiration dates. My old computer tower at home is stuck with the last operating system I installed and the software I was using at the time. The physical components fo the computer aren’t even compatible with most of the peripherals available today. The USB and Firewire ports are outdated, heck I don’t think they even make Firewire anymore. USB 2.0 is a thing of the past and my graphics card is not compatible with most of the monitors I want to purchase for my office. So how does this happen so fast and how can you dispose of your old equipment in an environmentally responsible manner? I’m going to tell you right now that the best thing you can do is hire a computer liquidation specialist. Finding an R2 certified recycler in your state may prove to be difficult if there aren’t any local drop off spots or guys willing to show up and pick up your old equipment.

There are companies like ( that will make the trip if the inventory is there. We recommend that you call in advance though to confirm that the inventory you hold justifies the trip out. Small businesses with 2-3 computers need not bother with calling or ordering a pickup service. You can also prepare in advance to help the recyclers do their jobs faster. By removing the hard drives in advance you can save them lot’s of time. If there is sensitive information on those drives you may want to keep them. The other option is to completely destroy the drive which is also an option they offer.

When businesses decide to take the step and liquidate their electronic assets, it can often times be nerve racking experience. computer liquidation - micro processorsThe last thing anyone wants to do is discard of property that is still valuable to them. Not knowing what information exists on a hard drive can make that process tough. Hiring a professional computer liquidation service to help with this process is encouraged. Prior to liquidating your assets you should take the time to migrate the drives to a backup or cloud storage. One the data is backed up and ready to restore it makes it easier to shred them. Hard drive shredding is a single part of the process that uses industrial sized shredders that tear the heck out of Hard Drives. Those old drives eventually lock up and the drives are rendered useless. Now days it seems like most companies are turning towards solid state drives and therefore the Hard Drive shredding services that are around today may find it difficult tomorrow to stay busy.

All this though means a greener earth for the generations that will come after us. Responsible computer liquidation is a must for businesses interested in IT Asset Disposition. There is a right way and a wrong way to liquidate computers and update your electronics inventory. Thankfully there are R2 certified recyclers out there that can assist you with this. Here are some usable resources.

Your Usability Resources:

R2 Standard

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R2 Certification Documents

R2 Standard:

R2-2013 Standard [ENGLISH]

R2 Implementation:

R2-2013 Implementation Guide


R2 Introduction And Certifications


R2 Certification Provision 1 – Environmental Health and Safety


R2 Certification Provision 2 – Reuse/Recover Responsible Management Strategies


R2 Certification Provision 3 – Legal Requirements


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R2 Certification Provision 5 – Focus Materials


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R2 Certification Provision 11 – Insurance, Closure Plan and Financial Responsibility


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R2 Certification Provision 13 – Documentation and Record Keeping


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