10 Ways to Branch Out with Your Marketing Strategy in the New Year

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Every marketer has his or her own favorite methods and tools. But branching out can sometimes be beneficial. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn what strategies are working well for other entrepreneurs. Here are some insights from members of the online small business community to help you create a marketing plan for your own business in 2018.

Repurpose Blog Content into Short Form Social Media Updates

When you write a blog post, that doesn’t have to be the only time you use that particular content. In fact, there are plenty of different ways you can repurpose that content into shorter snippets that you share on your social media pages, as Brian Appleton explains in this Social Media Examiner post.

Use This 2018 Content Marketing Toolkit

If you want to up your content marketing game in 2018, you need the best resources at your disposal. This Content Marketing Institute post by Jodi Harris includes an entire toolkit of content marketing tips, templates and checklists you can use in 2018.

Consider These Simple Content Writing Tools

Content marketing is a proven method for getting the word out about your business. And there are plenty of tools out there to make the writing process easier, like the ones in this Buzz and Tips post by Steve Williams. You can also see what the BizSugar community is saying about the post.

Take These Marketing Lessons into 2018

If you want your marketing efforts to really resonate in the new year, then you need to learn some lessons from what you did in 2017. In a recent post on Juvlon, Apeksha Kshirsagar offers some marketing lessons for small businesses that you can take into 2018.

Power Up Your Sales with These Salesforce Apps

Salesforce has long been one of the most powerful tools for managing sales. And there are also plenty of apps you can use with the platform to improve your processes even more. Here, Benjamin Brandall of Process Street lists some of the top apps you can use to power up your sales.

Add More Than One Admin to Your Facebook Page

You might think that you can run a successful Facebook page on your own. But there are actually significant advantages to having more than one admin. Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive shares why in a recent post. And BizSugar members discuss the post further too.

Follow These Digital Marketing Strategies for Solopreneurs

If you run a business completely on your own, then the marketing strategies that work for larger businesses aren’t likely to apply. Instead, take a look at some of the marketing strategies specifically for solopreneurs in a recent DIY Marketers post by Rhonda Burgess.

Consider Hiring a Marketer for Your Freelance Biz

Even freelancers could use some help marketing their services from time to time. There are many different ways a marketing expert can help freelance businesses. Ivan Widjaya of Biz Epic elaborates in a recent post.

Use Video to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page

The landing page of your website should serve a specific purpose — converting visitors into customers. And video can play a major role in that, according to a recent Pagewiz post by Elna Cain. BizSugar members also share some thoughts on the post.

Check Out These Logo Design Trends for 2018

If one of your goals for the new year is to update your branding, then a new logo might be in order. If that’s the case, you need to look at some of the current design trends that might impact your process. Here are some things to consider from Katie Lundin of Crowdspring.

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