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A Definitive Guide for Media Monitoring and Tools

The process of media monitoring is an extensive one and it requires collection of information which is available publicly and mentions a certain topic. Earlier media monitoring was only considered as cut and paste work. The work only requires manual searches for articles that contained certain topics with cutting and pasting these in dedicated clipbooks. Now there are changed times.

Nowadays, services in media monitoring have caught extensive demand. Now media monitoring has become an automated work with the availability of useful online media monitoring tools.

Let us first understand what media monitoring is

Media monitoring can be said as the process of monitoring different media outlets in search of information and pieces that mention certain topics. The information present in media has business, commercial and scientific values as well.

There are various services covering media monitoring such as: TV, radio, internet and print. However, nowadays, the internet is becoming a vital carrier of information. These have a vital place in business, as a lot of commerce happens on internet.

In businesses, many important pieces of information gets collected through media monitoring tools and it offers valuable insight for the brand perception, marketing campaigns, company, service, products, or competitors.

Coming to part of analysis, the majority of media monitoring tools have features of analysis usable for getting numbers and insight about different mentions. A few of these are:

  • Metrics of volume
  • Sources
  • Metrics of reach
  • Metrics of interactions
  • Share of voices
  • Influence metrics
  • Sentiment metrics
  • With analysis after monitoring, you’ll be able to have care of various businesses that include:
  • Customer service
  • Brand monitoring
  • Crisis management
  • Public relations
  • Market research
  • Analytics of marketing campaigns
  • Management of crisis
  • Feedback of customers
  • Competition research
  • Hashtag analytics, etc.

Some media monitoring Tools for your business

For efficiently getting all media monitoring associated benefits, you require robust tools for media monitoring. Here are some best online media monitoring tools that are available presently. Here we’ve got many tools for fulfilling different requirements.


Brandwatch is media monitoring tool meant for various enterprise clients.

You get many advanced features for analytics. They’ve created a special online platform named Vizia for providing you with actionable insights helping you in shifting the company to another level.

On the spectrum’s other side we’ve got Google Alerts.

This is a free tool meant for media monitoring. The tool collects publicly available mentions that have predefined keywords and deliver report to the mailbox.


The SEO tool provides media monitoring in its list of important features.

Media monitoring and SEO is a good combo. If you wish to track brand mentions that are unlinked and develop SEP strategy, you can go for SEMrush. The tool is difficult to use for applications of PR.


Another vital tool for media monitoring is Talkwalker and it delivers good outcomes for enterprise and corporate level accounts.

Talkwalker has owns and earns media in 187 different languages. With its highly advanced AI the tool delivers vital and impactful information to clients.

All online media monitoring tools are available with different set of features. Before investing in a media monitoring tool, you should know about all the features that are required for your business.

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