Success Buys Customized Lifestyles

What Can You Buy With Success?

perks of successThere are many things that can be purchased with cash once you earn enough to have what you want. Isn’t that what we all start businesses for, to have what we want? If you weren’t able to obtain the tangible items you wanted or the dreams you desired would you still run your business? If you couldn’t make money doing what you do, would you still do it? There are so many things that identify success and money is just a small part of the overall reality of what success is. But there is no doubt that those that work hard enough, smart enough, and have the opportunity will become successful to the point that they will become wealthy enough to purchase the things they want. I know that’s an obvious statement but I had to preface the following list with that so you understood where I was coming from. This is a list of things I will buy with my money when Usability starts earning me the millions I dream about (haha).

Professionally Designed Home

I spend a lot of time at home, so naturally I want this to be a pace that I enjoy being at. I have visions of a landscape that is so inviting I could spend most of my time outdoors drawing from nature to produce creative content and ideas. There would be a custom home builder involved to draw up the plans as I see fit. The entry way would be grand and welcoming, the master bed and bath would be built for a king, many bedrooms for guests, an office with a view of my garden, a pool and cabana area for lounging properly in the sun. The kitchen would have a walking cooler, massive farm sinks, a cutting board table that was 10 feet x 5 feet. A brick pizza oven, keg on tap, and plenty of seating for entertaining. Anything else would be a plus, but those are my focal points.

Beautiful Boat

I plan on enjoying the water a lot more than I do now, this would mean that I need transportation to enjoy it. I think a boat that I could dock and sleep on would be amazing. A sun deck for lounging, sleeping quarters for resting, fishing poles, a massive motor, and the technology needed to catch the best fish the waters offer. I think this boat could work for me though.

Polaris Razor

This may seem silly, but the property I build that custom home on will span 10+ acres with sprawling hills and trails. The Polaris Razor would be an amazing addition to any garage on a property that big. 4 seater with all the upgrades would set me back about 20k plus. That means I would have to use often enough to justify the purchase. Looks like I will be hunting and fishing a lot. You can check out Polaris Off Road Vehicles here.

spending time with familyFamily

If I were able to purchase enough land, having family build custom homes on that property would be amazing. Everyone would need to be a few acres apart from each other to make it a livable situation. Having my folks or my in-laws as neighbors would be a little much. But the kids jumping in the Razor a trekking through the woods to visit the grandparents would be pretty cool. Family is a key component to happiness.

Building A Business

These are pretty attainable dreams, most of it I could obtain with the income I have now. However, the goal would be to have these things and then enjoy them more than I work. This balance is tricky in life, we think that working more to chase these things, these freedoms, is the way to spend more time with family. The reality is that we have the time now, but are to busy working to enjoy the moments. I am victim to my own dreams. I have the opportunity to spend the days with the family but choose instead to grind away on the internet working to fulfill my dreams. Oh, well such is life. I am happy and the kids are happy so what else do I need? More usable resources to automate my life? I think so, but that will come at a later date.

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