Small Business Resources: 5 Valuable Tips

Small Business Resources: 5 Valuable Tips
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Brad Adams, founder of reveals 5 small business resources that every entrepreneur, business owner or executive should be using.
These small business resources are tools which allow entrepreneurs or executives to get more stuff done and create more time in their day. And creating more time means having more freedom to do the things you like.
The first small business resource is an often-misunderstood service. While many think of it as “goofy”, it is actually a very valuable service that will do tasks for you…fast and inexpensively.
The second tool is used superficially by many. But most just scratch the surface of the powerful features and miss out on the power. This great business resource will greatly help you to retain information and find easily find it when needed.
The third small business resource revealed solves one of the great puzzles of all people who spend time online. It will help you to vastly improve your computer security while simplifying your life.
The fourth tool solves probably the single most vexing problem facing entrepreneurs and executives today…too many emails. We are all overloaded with emails and don’t have effective ways to filter and organize the mass of information that comes in to our inbox. This business resource simply and elegantly solves that problem. Here’s a hint: it helps you to regain your sanity.
In this video, Brad Adams emphasizes that there are many more than 5 tools, so the selection of just 5 was very difficult…and certainly not all encompassing.
After deliberation, the fifth and final small business resource recommended is a data storage solution. As with some others, it is commonly used. But few use it properly and get the full power from the tool.
This resource will help you to store your information so that you can access it from all your devices. And you won’t be trying to find a needle in a haystack when you go looking for something. Used correctly, this tool will allow you to easily find your files any time you want.
As technology changes all the time, viewers are urged to sign up at to learn about more small business resources and keep on top of the latest developments.


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