Small business animated video – HR Consultant – KJHR Consulting

Small business animated video – HR Consultant – KJHR Consulting for more examples

This is a recently finished animated explainer video for a local Human Resource Consulting company near Cambridge UK.

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If you’ve been thinking about getting an animated video but not sure where to start, think about the following questions:

Where is the video going?
What is the goal of the video?
How many videos are you planning on making?
What is your budget?
Who is your customer?
How does your customer think?
How does your customer take action?
What pain are you solving?
Do you want an explainer, funny, how to or other type of animated video?
How can you connect with your story?
Do you want high end (expensive) or low end (it will cost you!!)
What is the end goal of the viewer?
Who is going to write the script?
How long should the video be?
Do you want characters or no characters?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asked and that we ask our clients to make sure we understand who their clients are and how best to connect with them and get them to take action!

Animated videos are growing in popularity yet many are prohibitively expensive. We create animated videos for local and small businesses, startups and other businesses who are looking to grow their online video presence. Script writing, voice over, graphics, creation and distribution of the video are included in most packages.

We also know how to target specific keyword phrases for our clients to help them rank higher, through video, for multiple keyword phrases ESPECIALLY in their geographic area.

So, what is the big deal about Animated videos?

Studies have shown that people relate to pictures and remember pictures better than written words. Using animation with a story helps people relate to your business and themselves better.

Instead of “pitching” your business, you can tell a story about how you provide a solution that will benefit them. We help you create a unique story, whether one time or monthly, and gradually build a stronger online presence for your business.

We have helped many businesses including doing:

Animated videos for Massage Therapists
Animated Videos for Dentists
Animated videos for Florists
Animated videos for Salons
Animated videos for mechanics
Animated videos for Chiropractors
Animated explainer videos for technology companies
Animated videos for locksmiths
Affordable animated videos for small businesses
Low cost animated videos for startups
Animated videos for crowd funding and kickstarter projects
and a lot more.

We also recommend tying your video in with other marketing tools like lead generation pages and social media. Contact us for a free review of your online presence.

See this video for more info.

Or get more info about Animated Videos for small businesses here:

or this video to understand the difference between navigational and investigational searches.…

We get local businesses to rank for more keywords in investigational searches and dominate the page with navigational searches.

This is the time to get your videos.

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