Senior Independent Living – Is It Possible

The concept of independent living is becoming quite popular amongst thousands of elderly men and women. As the concept of nuclear families has become a necessity, those who are above the age of fifty five are happy staying on their own and away from their sons and daughters. This is because there are some obvious advantages associated with this type of living. It makes the elderly people more independent and also helps to keep relations with their sons and daughters in the best of condition. Further, the housing and other facilities offered by the senior independent living service providers is quite friendly to aging adults.

This is with regard to maintenance and also when it comes to easier navigation. The elderly people also get opportunities to make better use of the lawns, backyard and other such places. However, there are some common questions that come to the mind of many elderly people and their family members. Is it possible for them to live independently with the right amenities and facilities? Will they be able to live a life of dignity and happiness? Let us try and find answers to the same over the next few lines. To find answers to the main question here are a few things that must be considered.

How Easy Will Maintenance Of The Current Home Be?

While there is nothing wrong living alone or living independently, make sure that is practically feasible. You should, as an elderly person, be able to maintain the home easily. While most of the maintenance work can be outsourced and done by professionals, make sure that you are able to afford it continuously and on a long term basis. Try and restrict to two or three rooms because anything beyond that may become more of a bother than comfort. Also be sure that you are able to access the entrance to the home easily. There is no point in staying in an independent living facility that is located uphill. Climbing up and down the hill a few times a day could be a big challenge.

Be Sure You Are Able to Connect with Family and Friends

While staying alone and being independent is not a bad idea, there are some downsides to it also. Staying isolated from your near and dear ones may lead to loneliness and depression. This could also lead to mental health complications which may later manifest in physical forms. The elderly people may suffer from mobility related issues and also trouble when it comes to driving and other such activities. The friends and neighbors may be out of reach for them or they could be busy in their own world. Therefore, it is important to understand the importance of face to face human connection and this can never be replaced by the internet or other forms of communication.

The Final Word

While there are some built-in advantages of independent living such as socializing with friends and peers, structured arts, sports and other such activities, the mental and emotional aspect of staying away from families should also be never lost sight of.

There also could be health-related issues as these elderly people age and this should be addressed easily in such independent living facilities.

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