(POLL) How Often Do You Comment on Social Media and Blogs?

Do you get involved in discussions on the internet? Or do you just read something and move along?

It seems these days it’s getting harder to stay out of discussions — let’s call them discussions — on the web. But not all these discussions are toxic or involve trolls.

That’s right. Sometimes they are actual constructive conversations based on a great article people have read. And every once in a while, it’s impossible to tear yourself away from a great conversation on a social media post.

Your social media or business blog strategy should at least partially involve creating an engaged audience. So  your goal might be to start a conversation like this — perhaps about your brand.

But then again, social media can also be a time sink. Are you spending too much time on these social media conversations? How much is too much?

So, in this week’s poll question, we want to know if you get involved in these discussions. Or do you stay out of them altogether, for better or worse? Let us know the frequency of your social media and blog comments by answering the question below.

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