How To Build A Small Business Website With WordPress

How To Build A Small Business Website With WordPress
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In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to build a small business website with WordPress.

We’ll take you step-by-step through the entire 10-step process of building your own website from scratch.

There are 10 simple steps that we’ll go through as we create your small business WordPress website. You’ll find each step below with links to each step.


Step 1: Pick A Domain Name 8:22
Step 2: Sign Up For Hosting 10:06
Step 3: Install WordPress 19:25
Step 4: Install A Theme 23:44
Step 5: Install Plugins 26:24
Step 6: Add Your Content 31:34
Step 7: Configure WordPress 52:49
Step 8: Configure Your Theme 58:58
Step 9: Configure Your Plugins 1:22:11
Step 10: Design Your Website 1:33:12

If you run into any problems, or have questions during the process of building your website, just go to the support forums on my site and post your question there.


Also, here is the link for the resources page for this video:

video resources small business

I’d like to give special thanks to the following people for their part in allowing me to use their resources to create this video.

“Sensible” by Modern Themes –

“Life of Riley” by Kevin MacLeod –
“Spring In” by Kevin MacLeod –



Websites Made Simple

How To Make A Website With WordPress

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Also, this wikipedia article talks about the different kinds of website builders you could use instead of WordPress:


  1. WebsitesMadeSimple July 30, 2015

    In this video, we show you how to build your own small business website with WordPress.  It’s a beautiful template, and lots of fun to build.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

  2. Patrick McCarty August 2, 2015

    Todd:  I watched your earlier video on building a WordPress website from scratch.  In it you recommended Siteground as a web host, and now I’ve purchased a subscription (just a few days ago).  You recommended it and for that reason I went with it.  You just posted this video, and I want to move to Simple Orange.  How do I make the switch?  Patrick McCarty

  3. Patrick McCarty August 7, 2015

    Todd: In your “Configure Your Theme” segment, you instruct us to go to Appearances, then to select “Custom CSS”, but on my dropdown menu, there is no Custom CSS.  Might there be a reason for this?

  4. Patrick McCarty August 7, 2015

    Todd:  Still waiting for an answer to my last question (although I was able to get help through the good graces of the A Small Orange People)–but maybe their help is why I’m also having trouble with the MailChimp account.  This first image is how yours looks in the youtube video:; The second is how mine appears once I opened my MailChimp account:  You don’t really explain how to create the account, although I copied the url from your video and followed the prompts and what they say you need to do to create the account.  Did I do something wrong?  Please advise.   Thanks Patrick McCarty

  5. Patrick McCarty August 8, 2015

    Todd:  You asked to share the url.  Here it is.  Please let us know about the kinks.  Thanks.

  6. Marc Povell August 22, 2015

    Hi Tod & Masca
    I’m stumped, I get to stage 6 and you ask me to go to the Resources Page for this step but where are they?
    As when I go to your links below as advised, nothing sends me to anything like the page your showing on the video “Website Files”
    For the “small business website files zip” can you help me please as I’m loving your style and ease, but now I’m a wee bit stuck, Help 😉

  7. Jonathan Lagdameo August 29, 2015

    Great video Todd! I’m gonna try to use these tips. keep up uploading videos.

  8. Jonathan Lagdameo August 30, 2015

    HI Todd,  I having an issue when trying to add themes.  When I go to “add theme’, the page shows up but nothing is there.  any ideas on what could be happening?  PLEASE HELP!!  Thanks in advance.

  9. Hamza Sajid February 9, 2016

    good man! nice tutorial

  10. MusicOn LetsDance April 28, 2016

    Hi Todd and Massa (sorry if I misspelled your name), first – thank you so much for this tutorial. I’ve seen it twice now. First time, few days ago, just browsing, and today I built a website, just like yours (Coffee shop, with all the same texts and photos) by following your instructions. And I have no previous knowledge. So, yeah, I am very proud now 🙂 I have a couple of questions. First: how to change the text on the bottom where it says now: Theme: Sensible by, or at least if this can’t be deleted, how to add a Copyright info? Also, what is the theme on your page? I love it! Now that I have done this one, I would like to switch to a theme where there is a photo on whole first page. Any other suggestions? … When I change a theme, everything will have to be filled in all over again, right?

  11. shuley dripolink July 10, 2016

    Hi Tod & Masca
    How can i remove the space/top margin, i tried stylesheet i changed the margin of the container from 0 auto to -20px auto but it didn’t help me. please help me if u know how

  12. J Martinez July 14, 2016

    I Todd, first of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge,

    I am having problems at minute 44:32, my screen does not show “the drop images here” section.. please help.


  13. NaughtyPupWorld August 22, 2016

    I think wix is a lot more simple. Still love the video!

  14. Linda-Vladi Pa September 7, 2016

    High, I would like to create online store to sell my lewerly…what kind of template I have to use…I need your help….

  15. Martina Kralova March 24, 2017

    Hi Todd,
    I have issue with the Contact page, can’t copy paste the text from the file “contact-page” to the Text editor. It looks I cannot toggle from Visual to Text as Text button seems inactive. Could you possibly advise how to solve this? Thank you and many thanks for a great video!

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