Free online Internet marketing tools/resources and software for small business

Free online Internet marketing tools/resources and software for small business
Free online Internet Marketing Tools :Free online Internet marketing tools and resources for Jump Starting Your small business.This is an amazing collection of free tools that will help you with your internet business. Get the free PDF of 37 Best Free Marketing Tools here: free-marketing-tools:

Hi my name is Eric, I’m an internet marketer.
In this short video, I’m going to show you four free, online tools you can use to help jump start your internet businesses. These tools were drawn from a free PDF by master internet marketer: Sarah Staar. If you find these tools helpful you can click on the link below and get your own free copy of those tools.
Whether you are creating a screencast video, like this one, or recording some notes for a vendor on Fiverr, it would be handy to be able to record your computer screen.
There are many screen recording apps out there costing hundreds of dollars. However, you can use a free program called Screencast-O-Matic.
You can use this free software either as stand-alone program or you can record through the browser. It has the capability of recording your computer screen and/or the webcam. You can record any size screen and output to several formats.
As with all freebies, it does have some limitations for the free version:
You have a limited number of recording options.
You cannot edit and there is a 15-minute limit for each recording -which should be more than you’ll ever need!
They will give you all those capabilities and more for a mere a year.
Regretfully, it’s a Windows only platform.

The second Fee tool is
While it is true that Royalty free images are relatively cheap -nothing beats free!

If you’re like me, if you sometimes want to set up a quick, attractive squeeze page for a very limited campaign -you can grab an image from this site without royalty issues.
The easy to use interface will allow you to search for and select photos, vectors, Illustrations and even video to be used as you wish.
All that is required is to sign up.
Admittedly, it doesn’t have the size catalog of a Shutterstock of Getty but I’ll always check here first before I create a page.

Now that you have those new great images, you’ll want to optimize them for the web. That’s where tinyPNG .com comes into play.
This great site will take your oversized Jpegs and PNGs and reduce their size dramatically allowing for very quick loading on web pages.
It is true that you can perform this compression in other programs like Photoshop but even though I have those programs I still tend to use this handy tool.
Here’s an image I compressed using its algorithms and I think it’s impressive.
I know you’re thinking what’s the catch? Well you can only compress up to 20 Images at a time and they can’t be larger than 5 megs.
They do have a subscription program that allows you to get around those limitations for a year.
But if you’re interested, there’s a better deal they offer:
They’ve got a Photoshop plugin that’s a one-time fee of and you can roll through your images as a batch action.

Finally, there’s
If you’re like me, you have a lot of diversification in your online businesses and need a lot of domains.
Here’s a free tool that will let you search for domain names and show you where you can get them.
If for instance you type in “Gardening” into the bot.
You can select the domain extensions
It will not only show some great suggestions that are available
but where you can get those domains with a quick price comparison and hyperlinks to those sites.
This can save you a lot of time and effort.
This concludes the 4 Amazing Free Tools to Jumpstart Your Internet Business. If you’ve found these helpful, download the free PDF: 37 BEST FREE ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS by signing up with Sarah Staar with the link below, and get 33 more free tools.

Many thanks and best of luck in your business!

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