16 Best Password Manager Apps for Your Small Business

16 of the Best Password Manager Apps for Your Small Business

With cybercriminals getting increasingly sophisticated, it is in every small business’s interest to keep data safe. Password managers are an effective way to help businesses create strong passwords and store them securely, and by doing so, helping keep vital business information safe.

Best Password Manager Apps

If you’re thinking about making use of the different password managers available, take a look at the following 16 best password manager apps for your small business.


Splikity uses ‘military-grade’ encryption to remember your passwords so you don’t have to. Splikity automatically saves your passwords and then syncs them across all your devices, entering them on to websites when required. Splikity Premium costs $4.99 per month.


LastPass is a free password manager app that works on smartphones and desktops. LastPass automates passwords on websites. By saving passwords across different websites and applications, LastPass saves you time and effort as you no longer have to remember and fill in passwords.


Soft-o’s free password manager program allows small businesses to systematize and store their valuable information on an encrypted database. Each database is encrypted using an AES algorithm. This password manager can be downloaded onto removeable devices such as USB flash drive. Businesses can access their data from any Windows computer.

Keeper Security

With Keeper Security, your team members can have on-demand access to encrypted passwords, applications and websites. With a Private Master Password, only the user knows the Master Password used to encrypt and decrypt information, thereby maximizing security. Keeper Security utilizes multi-factor authentication, including a biometric login and Keeper DNA to confirm identity. The Keeper Security Business program costs $30 a year per user.

Log Me Once

LogMeOnce is a popular online password manager which has two-factor authentication, adding a second layer of protection to your devices. You can download the LogMeOnce password management app for free. The app’s Professional Edition, which includes a LogMeOnce Password Management Suite, costs $0.85 a month.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password is an ultra-secure password manager which enables you to use your fingerprint to authenticate your identity on a mobile device. The app also provides a random strong password generator and will autofill forms for you, saving your business precious time. You can download Sticky Password for free and never forget your passwords again.


CommonKey conveniently and securely stores your logins and provides you and your team with secure one-click access. CommonKey is aimed at smaller teams who are required to share access to web services. The app is free for personal and small teams of three. Anything above three, a $2 per user per month fee will be applied.


KeePassX is a popular password manager app for businesses with a high demand for secure data management. It saves vital information such as passwords and usernames in a single database. KeePassX also offers strong password generation, which is customizable, fast and easy to use.


For $3.99 per team member, 1Password allows you to store unlimited passwords, credit cards, secure notes and more. You can also securely share items and documents with team members. 1Password’s Admin Console enables businesses to manage accounts conveniently and securely.


Dashlane is another free password manager that helps you generate unique passwords to help protect your accounts and identity. The platform secures passwords on your devices and enters them for you on every website.

Pleasant Password Server

Pleasant Password Server gives small businesses full control over their password database, including who can access specific passwords. The platform cost ranges from $9.38 per user to $113.80 per user, depending on the type of password management package you require.


RoboForm’s password manager system is built for speed, enabling you to benefit from a one-click login on saved websites. The app’s search tool allows you to sift through and find your login details and passwords quickly and conveniently. This app works with Apple, Windows and Android and can also be loaded onto USB flash devices. There is a free version as well as a paid plan for 10 or more logins that costs $19.95 per year.

iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is Apple’s password manager, which is built into iPhones, iPads and Macs. Thanks to this already built-in password manager, you can have peace of mind that the account names, passwords and even credit card details related to your business are safely and securely stored on Apple devices.


Hailed as ‘Fort Knox in your pocket’, OneSafe provides digital password security that uses encryption to protect the data stored on devices and when entering passwords. OneSafe claims to use the strongest encryption algorithm available, the AES 256. OneSafe costs $19.99 for desktop and $4.99 for mobile devices.

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

ManageEngine’s Password Manager Pro allows you to manage the passwords of multiple customers in a single place with robust data segregation. Though the drawback of this password management tool is that it’s not compatible with mobile devices. Prices start from $495 for the standard package.


TeamsID is a free password manager app which is trusted by more than 1 million users. Users have IT access control meaning they have complete control of employee access to business passwords and records. The app also provides comprehensive business password security insights at both the employee and company level. TeamsID business password manager costs $3 per month per user.

Does your business use a password manager app? Which one do you use and has it helped prevent the password anxiety and time-wasting almost inevitable when managing modern payment systems and other business technology?

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