Repairing The Roof Of Our Oklahoma Vacation Home

Roof Replacement in Oklahoma City

roof replacementThere was a storm that blew through Oklahoma this winter that knocked one of the trees down on our vacation property in Oklahoma. There are two issues that came of this. First we had to hire a tree trimmer in Oklahoma City to come in and clean up the overhang from the other trees on the property. We have some much overhang on our property from the old growth trees it’s a disaster waiting to happen. In addition to getting the trees trimmed, we should probably have some cut down also. There is always the possibility that extreme winds rip through Oklahoma and de-root our trees. Cleaning the property up and preparing it for the eventual wind storm that is inevitable is the best thing we can do for preventative measures. The other issue that came of this was the reality that we needed to replace our entire roof. We knew we had to repair the damage, but when the roof estimator came out and evaluated the damage he was adamant that we replace the whole roof. I don’t think we had replaced it since we owned it. The roof was an old shingle roof that husband would maintain on occasion if shingle broke loose or rotted out. What we didn’t know was that there was water damage to the plywood underneath the shingles. So while the roof appeared healthy on the surface, it was a mess underneath. We hired an Oklahoma City roofing specialist to re-roof the entire home. We also found out while they were in the attic that the water had dripped through and damaged some items we had store in the attic. Fortunately most of it were things we could replace. The new roof was a composite shake that basically has a lifetime warranty. They look like real wood shakes, but are synthetic and last longer. We are excited about the repair being done and this shouldn’t be an issue again in our lifetime (hopefully). If you have a home or vacation home in Oklahoma and are in need of a roofing contractor or a qualified tree trimmer I would recommend both of the companies we hired. This is another Usable Resoure from your friends at

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