(POLL) Do You Ever Hold Off-site Meetings with Your Team?

Data shows that nearly every small business loathes meetings.

OK, loathe may be a strong word but they’re probably one of the least looked-forward to events in your team’s weekly calendar. They may all come to dread the sight, sounds and smells of your regular meeting space.

So, one solution is to move regular meetings to another location. Perhaps somewhere away from your business headquarters.

That could be anywhere from a local restaurant or coffee shop to a public park (if the weather permits). The change of scenery could loosen everyone up, including yourself, and present a nice change of scenery for your team. That new scenery could even spark some newfound creativity in your team.

Of course, it could also have the opposite effect. Taking your business team to a non-business environment could distract everyone from the task at hand. Tech that you rely upon in your regular business setting could malfunction or not work at all. Then the whole off-site meeting experience could turn into a total disaster.

So this week, in our poll, we want to know if you hold off-site meetings for your small business. After you answer, let us know some of your experiences with this in the past. Has it worked? Has it been a total failure? Use the Comments section to share your stories with our readers.

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