Learn the Trends That Will Impact Your Future Business in This Upcoming Webinar

The new year is just around the corner. If you’re looking to grow your small business in 2018, you have to be aware of the most current trends in your industry.

An upcoming webinar can help you with this. On January 24, the webinar 5 Trends That Will Drive Your Profitability and Growth in 2018 will detail some of the most important issues and new technologies on the horizon and how they may have an impact on your business in the next year.

You can check out the Featured Events section below for more on the webinar and how to attend.

And that’s not the only small business event that could make a difference for your business in 2018. Check out even more opportunities to learn and grow your business in the list below.

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Featured Events, Contests and Awards

TNW New YorkTNW New York
December 12, 2017, New York, N.Y.

The fifth edition of TNW New York is designed for decision-makers looking to explore the digital technologies transforming the Tech, Communication and Media industries.
This year we’re keeping it cozy and curated by operating an invite-only policy. If you want to be one of a thousand industry leaders discovering, discussing and shaping what’s Now and Next in digital this December, then apply for your invitation now!

WEBINAR: 5 Trends that Will Drive Your Profitability and Growth in 2018WEBINAR: 5 Trends that Will Drive Your Profitability and Growth in 2018
January 24, 2018, Online

Customer habits and perceptions are rapidly evolving as new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things go mainstream. New opportunities are opening up – but at the same time businesses of all sizes are under intense pressure to meet changing customer expectations. In this webinar on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 2:00 pm ET, you will learn five key trends that will drive profitability and growth in 2018, if businesses quickly leverage them and adapt to them, including: The Automation Revolution, Rise of Amazon, Expectations, The Instant Customer Service Trend, The DIY Dichotomy, Always-On Operations. Get ahead of the curve and lead in your marketplace, by understanding how to use these trends for growth and profit. Register today!

LEAP HR: Retail Conference, Nashville 2018LEAP HR: Retail Conference, Nashville 2018
February 27, 2018, Nashville, Tenn.

LEAP HR: Retail 2018 will once again dig deeper into the innovative people leaps helping digital-native and established retailers succeed in a rapidly transforming industry. With new speakers, fresh case studies, and a pre-conference ‘Boot Camp’ day dedicated to what the next-generation retail workforce really looks like, LEAP HR Retail 2018 remains the unique opportunity for senior people leaders in this industry to really challenge and get creative around how we do HR in retail.

More Events

  • ML platform: A perfect companion for your business’s success
    December 12, 2017, Richardson, Texas
  • ComTech Forum: AI in the Network
    December 12, 2017, Sunnyvale, Calif.
  • Demo Palooza
    December 12, 2017, Sunnyvale, Calif.
  • 10 Communication Mistakes in Vendor Relations
    December 13, 2017, Online
  • Why every business needs Data Science and AI
    December 13, 2017, Chicago, IL, Ill.
  • Home Business Workshop
    December 14, 2017, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • How to Effectively Coach
    December 14, 2017, Online
  • WordPress Website Training Seminar | Dec. 16th
    December 16, 2017, Doral, Fla.
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO Seminar | Dec. 19
    December 19, 2017, Doral, Fla.
  • Smarter Productivity Matters
    January 10, 2018, Online
  • Indie Cruise Retreat for Makers (Ixtapa, Mexico)
    January 13, 2018, Nashville, Tenn.
  • Thriving in a World of Rapid Change
    January 16, 2018, Online
  • Self-Audit for Business Process Improvement
    January 17, 2018, Online
  • Cannabis Collaborative Conference 4.0
    January 24, 2018, Portland, Ore.
  • Employee Onboarding in a Digital World
    January 24, 2018, Online
  • Small Business Expo 2018 – DALLAS
    January 24, 2018, Dallas, Texas
  • Writing Effective Email
    January 26, 2018, Online
  • Advancing Prefabrication Conference Dallas 2018
    January 29, 2018, Lewisville, Texas
  • Pakistan Business, Investment & Franchise Forum 2018 – The Investment RoadShow
    January 30, 2018, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Data Privacy and Security Summit, Washington DC, 2018
    January 30, 2018, Washington, D.C.

More Contests

  • Public Vote to Crown America’s Most Unique Small Business Underway
    November 08, 2018, Online

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